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Hellooo NewGrounds

2008-10-13 10:28:41 by programista

Hello there!Im new in NewGrounds,but im an exelent parner!Im going to help my new buddy antoan3 whit some flash stuff and sum sounds :)
Oh yeah!Don`t feel bad that you have noo idea what my user name really means!Well first of all its written whit a bulgarian meaning , Not an english one!And second programista means the programer or some thing like that :)...hmm... and one more thing is it posible that when someone sumbits a flash or a flash game is it posible to bi like thizs:
Author: antoan3
Sound: programista
or maybe like this:
Author: antoan3
Special Help: programista
or maybe like this:
Author: antoan3
Author: programista
if its posible please tell me :)

Hellooo NewGrounds


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2008-10-13 10:34:18

hmm...I dunno maybe we can work something out :)


2008-10-13 10:41:27

Welcome to Newgrounds ^_^

please check up on my posts every now and then..

I promise you...
I ALWAYS have something worth while to read or watch


2008-10-13 10:47:44

O hai


2008-10-14 07:26:08

Yeah actually i want to now how it works too :)


2008-11-02 13:55:17

Hey thx 4 faving my vid, I apreicate it! :)

programista responds:

no problem it was cool ;)